Marette's Specialties

I can work with most people, but I'm really good at:

  • Children and adults with High Functioning Autism/Asperger's
  • Dual-diagnosis (for example, ADHD and Anxiety)
  • Teens
  • Individuals who are adjusting to disability and their families
  • Adults who are in transition (Adjusting to a new relationship or the loss of one, becoming parents or caregivers, career changes, family crisis, etc.)
  • Caregivers
Marette's Specialties

Helpful Articles

  • Read how building resilience is key in overcoming challenges in “The Road to Resilience” by the American Psychological Association. Read More >
  • Learn how Emotional Intelligence is emerging as a key factor in creating bully-free schools in “Teaching Emotional Intelligence” by Lauri Massari in Leadership Magazine. Read More >
  • Interested in how compassion fatigue affects non-professional caregivers? Check this article out: “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” published in the ISNA Bulletin. Read More >

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Upcoming Events

  • Professional Resilience: Helping Doesn't Have to Hurt Conference - March 22, 2017 - Salt Lake City - Marette is speaking at the Independant Support Coordination Conference and doing a webinar for Imagery International.
  • BEST Social Skills Group - About May 15, 2017 - Salt Lake City - Get your applications for participation submitted ASAP.

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What Others Are Saying About Marette

""Marette lives up to the title Center for Counseling Excellence. She can define the words she uses and clarify their meaning and give excellent examples and references on what she is talking about. She is a good communicator. She takes notes and studies your expressions. She validates feelings. She helps solve problems from your perspective. She is honest and sincere, nuturing and compassionate. She looks for and points out the strengths of her clients. She is familiar with many techniques for helping people. She is a very likable personality and had written a great contract explaining how she can be of help and what her boundaries are." " - Lois